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Wallbox charging stations and their features

Electric vehicles are gradually replacing ICE vehicles. To ensure fast recharging of electric car batteries, unique charging stations are used. This equipment is designed to replenish the supply of electricity efficiently. Wallbox charging stations are manufactured to exacting standards. These technological installations allow you to charge an electric car's battery at home or in a public parking lot. On favorable terms, you can buy equipment for fast and high-quality electric charging in our company.

Wallbox - charging stations

Under the Wallbox brand, equipment is produced that allows the rational use of electricity. It is an intelligent system with many useful features. The developer also pays attention to the design of charging stations. In addition, you can control the device and control the process using a mobile application.

The following lines of charging stations are available :

  • Pulsar. These are devices designed for electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars. This is a compact device that provides fast charging up to 22 kW.
  • Copper. The device has a built-in wireless modem and recognizes the user by gestures or face. Mobile communication channels and the use of RFID cards are provided.
  • Quasar. The system is designed to supply electricity to the house and the network for an electric car.

Both compact devices and electric chargers for several electric cars are produced. The choice depends on the operation's characteristics and the vehicle's needs.

For whom are Wallbox power stations suitable?

The purchase of equipment of the presented brand is appropriate for both a private house and a large parking lot. Models with power from 3.7 to 22 kW are produced. Charging standards comply with European requirements, so Wallbox equipment is universal and suitable for different types of electric cars. In addition, you can buy a device for wall and floor mounting.

This is a technique designed for home use, arranging a filling complex near offices, supermarkets, and public parking lots.

Benefits of Wallbox technology

Wallbox produces a wide range of equipment for private and commercial use. The housing protection category is high, allowing you to install a filling station indoors and outdoors. There is a convenient bracket for attaching the cable. A mobile application is provided with which you can manage:

  • online charging process;
  • control the degree of replenishment of the battery charge on one or more electric vehicles;
  • View energy consumption reports broken down by the user.

You can remotely control the charging process. If necessary, you can block the equipment.

Please place an order in our online store at a convenient time. We will quickly deliver the equipment to the recipient.